...make sure you actually attach the script your writing to an object. Sat at my computer for about 45min trying to figure out why the script I wrote wouldn't work as intended; even had a friend look over my code. Of course the solution ended up being the most obvious one. Sigh...

That is probably an example of the most annoying part of programming, you reach a point where you know what you're doing and assume you wouldn't make simple mistakes. So when you do, your brain doesn't even register to check to see if that is the problem until practically every last possibility has been exhausted.
It is kinda an odd feeling being done with school, especially since I don't have HW, although I still have responsibilities to Project Griffon and finishing Polarity Shift. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic lately with moving into a new apartment and getting into a regular routine with my new work schedule. I also had an interview at Meditech which seems promising. Had to take a programming test, which involved learning the syntax of their language and applying it. It was definitely a very strange language in comparison to what I am used to, but I was pretty confident since the logic behind felt very similar to using pointers, which I enjoyed using in C++. Hopefully I will find a job soon that I can start utilizing the knowledge I have learned from my degree.
Due to moving to a new apartment, it took me longer than I intended to finally get the presentation build of polarity shift up on the website. As usual you can also download the presentation build and play it for yourself. I also posted a video on the page of our actual presentation that I feel my team really knocked out of the park.

Last week we also presented the game at the IGDA RI chapter meeting, where we got a lot of good feedback and encouragement. My team and I are pretty excited to bring the game to a more completed state over the next few months and potentially put the game out on a download service where anyone can download and play the game. Our biggest challenge will pr
After 20 weeks (maybe more like 23), my team and I finally presented Polarity Shift to our faculty and family for our final presentation. The presentation and the game overall went better than I ever could have expected. My only regret is that we never were able to get a model made for Miknatis (robot) and had to stick with the android model for now. 

Probably the most important aspect of the project was keeping the scope in line; although this wasn't something I learned from the project. I learned from passed projects, that fell apart because their scopes that were too large, that making sure you keep your scope reasonable is important to a smooth development cycle. I applied this lesson to the development to Polarity Shift and we were greatly rewarded for it. Up until this project, every project I had worked on had a moment where a key feature to the game wouldn't work right and it would take a week or more to solve the issue. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this to occur during Polarity Shift’s development, but it never happened, and I contribute that to the fact that we kept our scope in check and iterated upon what we had slowly.

Although we maybe be done with Polarity Shift with for a grade, we are by no means done with the game. All of us have become invested in this project and see the potential for us to release it on XBLA or Steam Greenlight. One of our first steps will be locating someone who can do dedicated art work for the game. 
So today I added a new section under my Current Projects tab called Project Griffin. This project is a collaboration between the Independent Game Developer Association of RI and the US Air Force - 367th Training Support Squadron in experimental development of training games. I have been put on this project as the Assistant Project Manager as well as a programmer. For the first sprint plan my team was assigned to create a prototype for the DFP mini-game using Unity. This project is actually one of the main reasons I started to learn Unity a few weeks back. I look forward to seeing where this project leads and plan to put regular updates to the site similarly to Polarity Shift.
So I today I added to the site the Beta II build of my senior project Polarity Shift. The big update in this revision is the aesthetic changes. Considering that we have had limited help from artists, I am really happy where it is at, and the more I look at it, the more I enjoy it. As usual on the main Polarity Shift page you can download and play the current build of the game. 

As a side knot I also go the brainwave headset working with our game, although not in time for this build. The implementation is pretty simple, it basically takes your attention level and uses it to change the size of the player's magnetic aura. Overall it is not really a practical element, it is more of a fun way to interact with the game.

Also later today I should be making a post along with a site update involving another project I am working on called Project Griffin, so stay tuned!
About three weeks ago I posted a blog entry about going to a middle school to have 5th to 8th graders test our game. Unfortunately at that time I didn't get the pictures that were taken of our time there. Now that I do have the pictures I have posted them under a new page under Current Project called School Testing.
So after hearing different piers and instructors talk about how much they enjoy using Unity, I have finally decided to delve into learning it for myself. I had messed around with it in the past a little, but never actually did any coding. Went on YouTube to look for tutorials to get me started, and considering how many there are, there is really no excuse why it took me so long to jump in. I was looking for a tutorial that would code in C# since that is what I am most familiar with, and ended up stumbling into a tutorial using JavaScript. I have never touched JavaScript, but I figure I might as well stick with it to get my toes wet in this as well.
Made a few updates to the site today...
  • Changed the Polarity Shift banner to reflex the new graphical changes that have been made
  • Added a new project MOD -Snake
  • Added a new download link under every project page to get a plugin to run my projects if your computer doesn't have directX installed on it
  • I also made a few small changes here and there, mainly typos and grammatical 
Got a chance to take Polarity Shift to the middle school that one of my group mate's mother works at. We were able to spend the day in the computer lab letting three kids at a time play the game, from 5th to 8th graders. I was expecting to have a lot of negative comments since kids don't really hold back when giving their opinions, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone loved the game, and most were fighting with each other to play a second time. Most of the feedback we got about the game were elements that are outside of our games scope at this time, like making it fully 3D or having two players. A few comments I received that I was really happy about were students who told me they enjoyed that they learned about magnetism from the game. Its a great feeling knowing that not only did we make a game that is fun to play, but that it can be a Serious Game as well.